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Zoology for Class Eleven

Here you can get Notes, Videos , Solved past year questions...
Easy and simple language in notes and hand made diagram as student can feel easy to write and draw....

Here you can get notes, Videos, Solved past year question papers....

All diagrams are in hand made so you can feel easy to draw....


Pre and exo erythrocytic cycle

What Our Student Says

Kamlesh Kr. Singh

Hi, I, Kamlesh (Ravi), was a student of Nepal Education Center and still a student of www.nepeducation.com. I feel proud myself a student of such community. Here each and every topic is cleared with a concrete concept of Science with practical and practices.

Here, each and every topic even small which is not important for examination but useful to understand for further study is explained. Here study doesn’t mean question and answers.

Thanks to nepeducation team to prepare such great platform for us.

Kamlesh Kr. Singh



Education enlightens us from darkness to light i.e brings a bright morning from the crucial night , for the development of individual, education is very essential . An uneducated lags in every field, on the path of success. Education is considered the basic needs in today’s world. It is very common saying “without education a person is considered as an animal” because they also eat, sleep, walk or whatever we do, but when are educated we differentiate ourselves from an animal. The basic education we get from school, and SEE, it is the end of one phase of life, not the end of the education.

 SEE is an important phase that every student faces, they get problems and when there is a problem there is always a solution. So , here it is the solution to the SEE candidates.

This is a solution to the SEE candidates clarifying their doubts to their unsolved problems and questions. The contents are flawlessly organized in a way that the students will easily understand the difficult topics and their doubts.

Have a good luck on your EXAMS. all the BEST!!!


Nidhika Jha


Durgesh Pandey

Hi, I, Durgesh Pandey, have recently taken my SEE examination. I am fortunate enough that I came to know about this website before. This website helped me with an excellent way to excel in science. I was able to complete my SEE science paper within 1 hr and 10 min only and got A+. This all was possible due to nepeducation.com; the best platform to learn science with conceptual knowledge through notes and visualization of concepts through videos. Its notes are unmatchable and make me feel that science is very easy each time when I am on this website. The test questions were very effective for evaluation and entrance examination of various colleges and for competitive examinations.

Durgesh Pandey


Akash Raj Mishra

Hi, I, Aakash Raj, am a student of C. B. S. E. Board. I got very effective and informative notes and videos on this site.Still, I am using it to get help in competitive examinations. My performance is going to improve because of nepeducation.com. I am very thankful to nepeducation team to prepare such study materials.

Akash Raj


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